1. When maskoffweb,com firstly asked for a upfront payment I thought it was a scam just like other but when I gave it a try then I got paid instantly

  2. It's either you build your own dreams or definitely someone will hire you to build theirs. Thank you dalipdara247 on Insta for showing me the way to be my own boss.

  3. I bought my first house while I was in my 30s because I was intact with hackbypark on IG now I can count3 house. 2 cars and unlimited funds hack

  4. I have a honest question. I am actually broke. So could theoretically a simple pc with a good gpu. Yes i'm aware that electricity is a big cost… Pay itself, especially if i use this pc to work too. Until i can get a decent/efficient rig. Or is best to, if o really want, just get one Asic?

  5. After I've been scammed by three scammers I came across jinx_1905 on insta he fund my bitcoin wallet with 5btc I'm so happy i thought it was a scam but he prove me wrong..

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