1. Why not wait for next AMD NAVI GPUs? They will be probably way more power efficient than what NVIDIA AMPERE will be…
    Also, most of NVIDIA upcoming GPUs won't be available before the end of September with definitely very low quantity so expect some serious price gouging :/

  2. i have a question for you .is that the reason why i cant get more than 10 5700 xt sapphire amd cards on a h110 pro btc . if i add 1 it wont post . is that because of the G3930 cpu im using maby it does not support all the pcie lanes?

  3. Digging the lighting beside that rack of mining hardware.
    Guys, be careful when the 3000 series launches for mining. I want to remind everyone that when the 5700 and xt dropped they could only mine 3 mhs each because no mining software was adapted to it yet. It took a while for miners to be adapted to function with those new AMD and it could very well happen with the new Nvidia's as well out of the gate.

  4. Great video. Be careful connecting the molex connectors when using multiple power supplies. At 10:20 you stated to connect a different molex for each PSU. This is incorrect and WILL, not may, result in damage to the MB, GPU, or PSU. Each of these connections are in fact labeled with warnings not to do this on the MB. Also see the MB manual picture https://prnt.sc/tzx6s5. The only thing that is connected to B&C PSUs are the video cards. Red Panda can tell you about his experience with RMAing bricked Radeon VII GPUs. Not sure he ever figured out why they bricked but if you watch how he connected to molex you will see the mistake.

  5. I'm sticking with AMD cards, price to performance and ROI is just way better, Also I think you mean NVIDIA RTX 3000 series GPU's!!! 😉

    PS- That Asus Strix board has quite a few issues hence why it went dead on you. Try RMA'ing that board with Asus assuming its under warranty. Asus may deny the RMA they do that quite often.

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